Located, next to the Unkapani Bridge, on the shores of the Galata side of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, the Sokullu Mehmed Pasha Mosque was commissioned and sponsored to be built by the Grand Vezier Sokollu Mehmet Pasha. The mosque was completed by the architect Sinan in 1578. Restoration in the mosque began during the First World War and Balkan War years, but were soon abandoned because of lack of skilled labour and finance. The mosque remained abandoned and derelict until 1938. Most of the decoration, which are
described as significant works of art, in the interior and the priceless tiles were stolen during this period.
Restoration was carried out in 1938 and the mosque reopened for worship in 1941. Based on a square nucleus, the mosque is like a smaller replica of the Selimiye mosque in Edirne. The minaret, with its single balcony, has an interesting architectural structure. The woodwork on the gates and the windows are intricte. The marble pulpit is one of the finest examples in Islamic art.
The S�leymaniye Mosque is located in the historic quarter of �stanbul. S�leymaniye mosque built in the 16th century and is considered to be the most beautiful of the imperial mosques in �stanbul.