Although the exact date of construction of the mosque is debated, Sehzade Mosque is a glorification in the name of the young prince Mehmet. He was the son of Suleyman and the heir to the throne, if not died at young age. Although it has been debated how and when Sinan was commisioned the complex, it is his first large scale commision after he has been appointed as the 'chief architect'.
Some sources indicate that he was asked by the prince himself, to start working on the plans and then, after his death Suleyman wanted the complex to be built. Other sources assert that the complex was originally started for Suleyman himself, and was then converted to be in the name of Mehmet upon his death.Sinan handled the Mosque as a piece to commemorate the Prince, with a fresh approach. He combined two squares in plan, one for the courtyard, and one for the mosque itself. This original composition was not only the outcome of Sinan's experiments with architectural forms, but perhaps of his wish to come up with something new for the young Prince. He created a heavenly interior; full of light and a peaceful courtyard suurounded by a moderate portico.The complex was completed in 1548.