Located in the Hasircilar Market/Tahtakale in the Eminonu district of Istanbul, the Rustem Pasha mosque, with its sophisticated design and its artistic relevance, is one of the most significant mosques in Istanbul. The mosque, replacing the former Haci Halil Mosque, is erected on a high platform. The place where the mosque is
The Rustem Pasha mosque is famous for its eloquently enameled tiles. The richest collection of tiles of Turkey is located within the interior of the mosque. Unfortunately, some of the priceless tiles have been stolen. The walls, except the domes, are completely entiled with the most intricated colourful Iznik tiles. The patterns on the tiles depict flower and fruit motifs. The porphyry marble borders next to the tiles are a masterpiece. The dome at the centre is butressed by four semi domes (conches) flanking to the east and west.The ribs of the dome curve down to an octagonal base. The base itself is pierced by 24 windows. The pulpit and the prayer niche are composed of marble. Six columns and five vaults surround the sapce in the last gathering place. The minaret, with its single balcony, has been rebuilt after the original one collapsed during the earthquake. The new minaret replicates the original and accentuates the original characteristics of the mosque.