It is in Bo�azi�i (Bosphorus) in Ortak�y district, by the coast. The mosque was commissioned in 153 by Sultan Abd�lmecid to Architect Nigo�os Balyan. The mosque which has a rather elegant structure is of Baroque style. It is placed in an unparalleled location in Bosphorus. As in all mosques built by the sultan, it is made up of two parts of harem and sultan�s office. Wide and high windows are arranged in a way to carry the changing lights of Bosphorus inside the mosque. The stair cased building has two minarets with single balcony each. The walls are made of white hewn stone. The walls of the single dome are made of pink mosaics. The mihrab again is made of mosaics and marble and the mimbar is made of porphyry coated marble, all products of an elegant workmanship.
constructed is renowned to be the busiest place of the town since Roman times. The sponsor is the Grand Vezier Rustem Pasha, the son-in-law of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, who sponsored, at the same time, the construction of the Suleymaniye complex. Rustem Pasha is well known as a sponsor of many buildings throughout the Ottoman empire. The mosque was completed in 1561 by the architect Sinan. Since Rustem Pasha died during its construction, the mosque continued to be sponsored by his wife Hurrem Sultan. The mosque suffered damage during an outbreak of fire in 1666 and an earthquake in 1776.