The Arap Mosque is located at the Galata Mahkemesi Street near the Tersane Avenue in Galata, Istanbul. The mosque is the greatest at the Galata part of the Golden Horn. There is a myth that this mosque was actually constructed by the Arabs who sieged Constantinopolis, but recent studies revealed that a basilica stood at the place where the mosque is located today. The basilica was still standing after Constantinopolis fell to the Turks, but was converted to a mosque in 1475. The church came to be known as the Galata Mosque following theyears of conversion.
This name changed in 1492 with the immigration of Andalucian Arabs escaping from the Spanish Inquisition. The Arabs were resettled around the Galata mosque the same year and the mosque started thus to be called as the Arap (Arab) mosque. The mosque was restored and renovated periodically over the centuries. Restorations carried out in 1913 revealed tomb stomes with epitaphs and armorial bearings belonging to the Venetian traders. The tomb stones are curre