This attractive part of the Bosphorus on the Asian shore is mentioned by Byzantine historians, and in Ottoman times became one of the imperial parks known as Kandil Bah�esi (Lantern Garden). Sultan Murad IV (1623-1640) was particularly fond of K���ksu and gave it the name G�m�� Selvi (Silver Cypress), and in several sources from the l7th century onwards the name Ba��e-i G�ksu is used.
or royal lodge constructed in the new style used for Dolmabah�e and Ihlamur. The pavilion was extensively restored in 1994 and the surrounding garden and parkland, nearby fountain and quay are now being transformed into a park where the public can enjoy picnics and excursions as in previous centuries. When this project is completed, the garden of K���ksu Pavilion will be available for private receptions upon application.
During the reign of Mahmud I (1730- 1754) Divittar Mehmed Pa�a built a two storey timber palace on the waterfront here which continued to be used by Selim III (1789-1807) and Mah