Mahmud the 1st Library is located between two stanchions in the south of St. Sophia. The library which was commissioned in 1739 by Sultan Mahmud the 1st is an interesting example of Turkish architecture and decoration.The library is comprised of a reading hall, Treasury of Books and a hallway in the middle of these two sections. The reading hall is separated from the St. Sophias main structure by a glass pane supported by a six columns with diamond shaped heads and a bronze network covering them. The two-wing gate permitting access to the library is also coated with a bronze network decorated with flowers and curved leaves and has two handles with Ya Fettah inscription. The walls of the reading hall are adorned with encaustic work and mural inscriptions. On the wall across the gate, monogram of Sultan Mahmud the 1st, bordered in green encaustic artwork can be seen.The corridor combining the Reading Hall and the Treasury of Books is adorned with sheets of encaustic art with flower, rose, carnation, tulip, cypress motifs. These sheets are invaluable in terms of color and style.