Dikilitas, which is located in Sultanahmet Square in Hipodrome is the very monument which was built in 1450 B.C. as a memorial of the victories in Asia of Thutmosis (1502-1448 B.C), one of the Egyptian Emperors. Some "sisters" of this stone monument still survive to date. Dikilitas is thought to have been built by the Pharoah between 1457-1448 B.C in front of Amon Ra Temple in
The stone which was kept in Egypt for many years was first passed to the possession of a half-Hellen half Egyptian state founded in this region, later to the possession of Romans. In this period, Romans used to use the monuments in Egypt to decorate their cities. Constantin the First used to move various monuments to here to decorate the Hipodrome. His son Constantin the Second (337-361 A.C), wanted to move the monument to Iskenderiye to be transferred to Istanbul, however he failed to do this. Later, Iskenderia people built a special ship for the monument on order of Emperor Julianus (361-363 A.C). It is unknown when nor by whom the monument was taken from Iskenderia to Istanbul nor how was it transported.