The square which was formed as the greatest square of the city in 393 A.C. during period of Emperor Teodosius, was known with the name of Form Tauri Square in that period because of the bronze bull heads situated over a giant victory inscription in the center.
Only several marble blocks and columns have survived from the victory inscriptions to date, however the huge fountain on the north side does not exist anymore. This huge and monumental fountain, the greatest fountain of the city was used to be fed by Valens aqueduct. The gate of Istanbul University and Beyazit Fire Tower which are in the square now are structures of 9th century. A medresse, hamam and some shops are the only remains of the complex of 15th century work of Beyazit Mosque, which adorns the square and which gave its name to the square.
Heliopolis as a memorial of the victory he achieved in Naharin against Mitandi State in the east of Euphrates River in 1457 B.C.