Turkish Islamic Arts Museum which was originally built in 1914 in S�leymaniye Complex was moved to �brahim Pasha Palace in 1938. The museum which is one of the rare examples of Turkish-Islamic Art in the world was designed by collecting precious art pieces from many mosques, tombs and libraries.The museum features ceramic works, glass oil lamps, mural encaustics, plaster reliefs, carpets from Selcuk and Ottoman period and Nomad rugs, silver engravings, funeral arches, jeweled pieces, mother-of-pearl inlaid Koran desks, engraved copper containers, plumes, ornaments, the key of Kabe, oil lamps and candlesticks adorned with precious stones, impressively woven vests belonging to Sultan Y�ld�r�m Bayezid and Sultan Selim the 2nd, a brigantine belonging to Pertevniyal Sultan, Caucasian carpets, containers, drawers, engraved doors, very valuable hand-written Korans, miniatures, volumes, writing instruments, various firmans from the Ottoman Sultans, column heads, epitaphs, sultan monogram. Address: �brahim Pasha Palace, At Square, Sultanahmet � IstanbulPhone: (212) 518 18 05 � 518 18 06