Rahmi M. Ko� Museum is in public service in an area of 2 thousand 100 square meters, on the south coast of the Golden Horn. An additional display building is connected to historical Lengerhane, located in the southeast part, with a transparent ramp below the garden brink. The building, which is rated as second class historical structure, is estimated to have Byzantine basis from the 12th century.In the structure which is estimated to have been built during the period of Ahmet the 3rd and which was used as a foundry, the chain thrown to the sea to hold it in place and its anchor was produced. The building which is known to have undergone repairs in the period of Selim the 3rd, was used by the ministry of finance until 1951. In the Republic period, it was turned into alcohol storage by the Tekel-i Cibali Tobacco Factory. The building whose upper cover system was greatly damaged by the fire in 1984 was bound to be forgotten.
The building was purchased by Rahmi M. Ko� Museum and Cultural Association in 1991 and was open for display in 13 December 1994, after two years of meticulous restoration work.While the majority of the pieces of the museum was picked from the private collection of Rahmi M. Ko�, the works which are taken as donation or on temporary basis from various institutions and individuals are also on display in the museum. Authentic works of art and their models, scientific and mechanical objects form the basis of the museum collection.