Naval Museum is presently serving across Be�ikta� Pier, under Navy Forces Commandership, as a museum where pieces and information about maritime are kept.Although the naval museum was originally built in Kas�mpa�a, upon the decision to move the naval archive to Konya during the Second World War, the collection of the museum was moved to Anatolia. After the war, the museum was open to service in Kas�mpa�a and it was moved to Dolmabah�e in 1949. The museum was opened to public in its present location in 1960.
Ancient sailor clothes, fleet models and sketches, pictures on maritime history can be found in the museum. Also the materials and souvenirs from the vessels used in the first years of Ottoman Empire and the Republic, pictures of some navy disasters and matyrs, wartime weapons such as hand-bombs, torpedo, fire gun and sketches of several fleet commanders. Sultan�s fleet of Sultan Mehmed the 4th which is featured in the empire fleets section is known to be the most ancient of its kind to be preserved to date. In the courtyard of the museum, cannonballs of various sizes and a part of German Battleship which sunk in our coastline during Second World War are displayed. Address: Iskele Road Be�ikta� � IstanbulPhone: +90 212 261 00 04